Thursday, November 20, 2014

Master Copy and Film Study

So, I thought it was time to post something (even though I said I was going to post something everyday...or at least once a week...please don't look at the date I typed that.) :P 

Here is a Titian study I did, partly for fun and partly to try to learn about losing stuff in the shadows...well, learning is fun so, I guess I painted this all for fun! Lol. 

Beneath this is a film study from the movie Drive. I love that movie. I should definitely do more studies like this more often (probably everyday! Lol) 

Monday, September 29, 2014

New Post!

Hey everybody! I don't even want to look at the last time I posted something...I know it's been too long. lol. But, I am back and prepared to keep up this blog! School has started, I'm finally in my senior year, woo-boo! It's exciting, scary, nerve-wracking, and stressful all at the same time, but I'm loving every minute of it so far! 

For right now, here is a master study I did of a flower, painted by the amazing Nathan Fowkes. Mine is on the right, digitally painted and Nathan's is on the left, watercolor I believe. This was a really fun study. It's tough getting that painterly effect with a digital brush, but I will get it sooner or later! Which is why I plan on doing at least one of these studies every day. I don't know if I will post one everyday, but if not I will unload them all within the week. :) 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Work!

So, right now it's the busiest time of the semester for me, but I thought I should do a quick dump of a few things I'm working on right now. 

This is recent work of a few ideations I had to present in class just the other day. It went really well and I'm glad my overall story was well received. I'm definitely loving this semester a lot and I'm growing so much as an artist. I know that choosing to be artist, you never stop growing. Right now, it feels amazing and it's exciting to experience a noticeable jump in my thought process and quality of my work. I can't wait to see what the rest of the semester brings and what going into my last year of college is gonna be like! :) 

BUT for right now, this is a project I'm working on for the next few weeks. We have to design an off roading truck, as well as two animals native to California in which one will be the driver and one will be the gunner in a fictional racing video game! Here's a few of my preliminary sketches. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fall Semester is Over!

The Fall semester is over and Winter break can finally begin! This semester had to of been one of the best semesters I've had since starting here at SJSU. I got to fly on a plane for the first time in my life, I went to Canada, and I also took my first Visual Development class.

Taking my first Vis Dev was such a bug learning curve for me. I poster my kitchens in an earlier post, and now I have my Gary Soto Treehouse paintings to post. I spent these last few weeks figuring out my design and composition, but honestly I tried to take my time with each step and when it come down to painting them... there was still a lot of info I hadn't figured out and that I honestly don't have the painting mileage for yet. But I know with time, I will get there.

I can say these treehouse paintings are a turning point in my painting and thought process when it comes to approaching my work. I will definitely be posting a lot more during the winter break.

Just a shout out to my friend Wendell who helped me understand lighting a lot better. I have a ways to go to get to his level, but I know I'll get there with a lot more studies and practice. ;) You should check out his stuff!  

Thursday, November 14, 2013

CTN This weekend!

Here's what my final business card looks like. There was about...10 other designs before I decided on this one. lol.

And here is a quick little painting I did of my niece...she's ridiculous in the best ways. haha. Spiderman flip-flops, Tinkbell dress, helmet, and goggles....only a three year old who thinks she's the Hulk would come up with this stunning outfit lol. 

Preview of Gary Soto's Treehouse

Right now, I'm working on our last big project in my Vis Dev class. It's based on the same short stories of Gary Soto, except this time we each had to some up with a treehouse design that charter in Gary's stories may have created when he was younger.

I decided that my overall theme I wanted to have was "Adventures in The Great Outdoors" which lead me to creating things like a pirate ship shaped tree house and a submarine shaped treehouse. I'm leaning towards my submarine idea, so I think I'll push my future ideations in that direction

Here's a few things I've doodled searching for my idea :)