Monday, May 21, 2012

Forest, take two!

Ahhh!! My second time taking 113b, and it was worth it to take it again. I have to say I learned a lot the first time around, but this semester was far more successful and I learned even more. I just need to learn to put the pedal to the metal ALL semester, but I'm getting there! Lol.

These are the two forests I have been working on from the concept to the final product for about a month. If you look at my portfolio post, you can see the line work with a few thumbnails on a couple of the pages. I learned so much from working on these, they are not rendered like the assignment called for, but I was pleased with where I got. I learned so much about reflections and lighting and color and composition and atmospheric perspective. It was wonderful. haha.

I turned these bad boys in with the intent of never touching them again, but after talking with my teacher about them afterwards I just might go in and try to actually render them over the summer. He was pretty excited about my progress, which makes me sort of excited ENOUGH to go back and try to tighten them up, BUT I need a break from them for a bit, lol.

This is my night time scene up above, it's supposed to be magical and my emotion I wanted to try to convey was Fear (but with a hint of happy magicalness. lol)

This is my day scene. I think this one was more successful then my night painting. I think it has some good stuff going on, but still of course needs work. The emotion I was going for was Calm.  

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