Monday, May 21, 2012

Self Portrait for Figure Painting class

Hey Guys! So, this semester is just about up for me. I have one more final and then it's my official summer break!! Which means so much free time to work on my sketchbook; I am very excited to start. Can't wait!

Innywho, I decided to take a slight break and add a couple of semester projects to my blog. This one is a self portrait that I spent a ton of time on. I don't care for how it came out too much, but I learned a lot just from the process and from the constant fiddling with my complexion, (which I have come to find is overall a sort of a yellow ochre lol).

I took pictures of my progress and everyone's portrait from the class was hanging on the wall of the first floor of the art building. This was my first class (also my first time working with oil paints). It was a great class and I had so much fun! :)

I just want to say how much I love Becky and Lucy's (the twins, one's above and the other is below) portraits and their style, I kept looking at their paintings for inspiration throughout the whole class time. (Becky has no bangs, Lucy has bangs...pretty sure. Lol.)

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