Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gary Soto's Kitchen

So, I sat in on this same class laster semester and I'm very glad that I did! The teachers were different and both offered different/great information when it came to attacking the project all the way to the end. I definitely learned a lot from this assignment, having to follow a story I created from a few of Gary Soto's short stories and then create something from imagination as well as gathering reference that matched what was in my head...does that make sense? lol. 

I haven't decided if I will come back to these during winter break, fixing up my values a bit more and redoing my color scenes. I have learned a lot from this entire process, so I may just take my new knowledge and move forward with something new. We'll see. :)   

My line drawings...I will eventually rescan my bottom line drawing because I have a cleaner version, I think I just messed it up in photoshop. lol. 

This is my Medium shot, it looks kind of smokey. I loved working on this shot the most, getting to focus on the little details. :) 

Wide shot #1 Fun fact: That cabinet to the left is based off my grandma's cabinet she has since passed down to one of my aunts. lol. 

Wide shot #2 

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