Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm back! -OTTAWA Trip/First time on a plane/ leaving the country! Lol

Hey guys! Man, it has been way too long! I've been wanting to do updates, but I haven't thought the stuff that I've done have been good enough to show. BUT THEN I REMEMBERED, this is my personal blog! lol. I can post whatever I want to talk about or get feed back on from my fellow viewers. :)  So, I'm thinking I'm going to divide up these posts between events/projects....even though they'll be put up at the same time.

This first post will mainly be pictures because this past September I was picked along with 15 other animation students to attend The Ottawa International Animation Festival in Canada. This was especially special to me because I had NEVER flown on a plane or left the country, so it was exciting x100! lol.
Those clouds man...

I think of My Neighbor Totoro every time I see this picture. Lol. My umbrella broke the second time I opened it! :/ ...But I fixed it with an Adventure Time button! lol. 

Just one of the many awesome people I had the privilege of meeting and talking to, Gary Doodles (That's not his real last name! lol) He's the creator of Nick's new show Breadwinners...he's seriously the nicest and coolest guy I met probably the whole trip.  

This was a cool little walk. 

This is where some of the viewing took place. 

Corwin working on the 3rd place pumpkin! It's the first time SJSU has ever placed in the pumpkin carving contest! Did I mention how great this trip was? haha. 


The whole gang at the airport, what a beautiful group of people. :D

Before going on my first boat ride, gotta chase some geese. lol. 

Poutine! So yummy!

I hate spiders, but this thing is cool. 


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